Ciao Bambino Household Trip Planning Testimonials for 2023

As Ciao Bambino celebrates its 20th anniversary this January, our annual article highlighting words of appreciation from our customers is especially sweet. our A team of travel consultants They are among the best professionals in our industry. We run our boutique travel agency with a laser-focused intention on how to consistently deliver tremendous travel experiences to families who trust us to curate their vacation memories. We are extremely proud of the deep partnerships we have developed with hoteliers and experience providers around the world who execute the high-quality custom itineraries we design time and time again. The Ciao Bambino team fosters deep relationships as the foundation of our agency, and that includes amazing relationships with our clients, as these quotes show in spades! I am very proud of the work we do and grateful that we have the opportunity to serve our clients well.

2023 Family Vacation Planning Certificates

High praise from Ciao Bambino’s 2023 family vacation planning clients

As for our next trip, who knows? What we know for sure is that the value of working with you on these journeys is invaluable. We love the personal connections we make with our guides/drivers that enrich our travel experience. You always recommend quality accommodation and the tour operators are reliable and provide great hospitality. Thank you for treating us to such a wonderful Irish plan! – Family trip to Ireland, designed by Susan Robinson

Our family just returned from a wonderful week-long adventure in Iceland. We saw whales, dolphins and puffins, climbed to amazing waterfalls and hot springs, explored a lava tunnel, soaked in hot springs, including the Blue Lagoon, and saw the northern lights!! Our grandchildren had smiles on their faces the entire time! Thank you Helen for planning this unforgettable trip for our family. We will be talking about it for many years to come. —The Stone family’s trip to Iceland, designed by Helen Buckner

The Ciao Bambino continues to impress! The vacation was an absolute dream. We were busy – but the experiences were so unique and fun that I didn’t want to skip any of them later. We were blown away by the guides…their hospitality and knowledge were amazing! Thanks again for everything! — Trueblood family trip to Croatia, designed by Melissa Rossdale

Brendan and Linda are simply the best. We have had the pleasure of guiding us on many adventures around the world, and I always say “This was the best trip ever!” …until the next flight takes first place. I cannot imagine traveling without their guidance and extensive knowledge. They create a magical experience every time. —The Stranahan Family Trip to Morocco, designed by Brendan Considine

It’s been an absolutely amazing journey, and I know this won’t happen. You totally got my family and made it extra special. I’m not sure how to put something together from what you said – good job for sure! — The Taylor Family’s Trip to Quebec, designed by Katie Stewart

I can’t tell you how many times during the trip my husband would say, “Wow, that was a great thing we did” or “Great job choosing the hotel,” and I would just respond, “All from Katie!” From the beginning of the planning, it was clear that Katie was as invested in having an amazing trip as I was…her hotel recommendations were impeccable. The activities you suggested and booked were all amazing and we all enjoyed them. Katie listened to what was important to us and clearly guided all of her recommendations. When things didn’t go as planned while we were in Europe, she had quick solutions to ensure our experience was not negatively affected. Katie seems to be thinking one step ahead of us on everything. I can’t think of a single thing she could have done better. I am so grateful that we connected with Katie through Ciao Bambino and I hope she will work with our family on many more adventures! — The Draper family’s trip to Italy, designed by Katie Brown

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2023 Family Vacation Planning Certificates

We were fortunate to work with Linda to design our four week trip to Hawaii and California. Thanks to it we discovered volcanoes, underwater life, beautiful starry skies and stunning sunsets, and we will have wonderful memories to share and talk about for decades. — The Corselli family’s trip to Hawaii and California, designed by Linda Zuber

Another magical vacation from Laurel! You’ve done it again…I can’t wait to see the next adventure you plan for us. — VanderVelde’s trip to Iceland and France, designed by Laurel Perry

Our trip was amazing! We owe much of this success to you thanks to your knowledge, planning and communication. I honestly don’t know how someone going to Italy for the first time could see and learn everything we’ve covered without your help. Private guides are essential when visiting historical sites. Private transportation is a must in Europe! The food recommendations were all menu based. — Van Gundy’s Trip to Italy, designed by Mandy Cecchetto

Our family took an amazing trip to Africa. Our hearts are still there! As a good friend once told us, “It will change you,” and indeed, our adventure through Cape Town and Johannesburg and three thrilling safaris [did]. Above all, the highlights were our animal spotting expeditions alongside experienced guides who dedicate their lives to protecting these magnificent creatures, the rich history and message of hope shared by Nelson Mandela. Sharing every moment with our 9 year old has brought priceless joy to our hearts! Thank you, Linda, for planning this for us. -The Stagnaro Family’s Journey to Africa, designed by Linda Considine

Our trip to London exceeded all our expectations thanks to the amazing help we received from Christine in planning. My husband, I, and our elementary school-aged children loved every castle, every meal, and every site, and we especially appreciated our wonderful guides, who received an A+ grade. We loved this trip so much that we asked Christine to plan our next family adventure to a completely different part of the world…Costa Rica! We can’t wait to have another real vacation, one that feels like more than just a family trip and that we’ll all remember for years to come! — The Schaefer family’s trip to London, designed by Christine Aveni

2023 Family Vacation Planning Certificates

We highly recommend your services to anyone in the market! …We hope you can tell that we enjoyed our trip. We’ve been taking care of him since we got back. Really, pretty much no major hiccups. Thank you again for all your help in making this trip happen! — Woodhouse-Allard family trip to Italy and France, designed by Barbara Weindling

Overall the trip was great. It worked for the 10 year old. I have worked for 80 years. This is a great achievement. Glory to you!! — The Salinave family’s trip to Costa Rica, designed by Kiki Humes

I had been telling myself for the two weeks before we left for the Turks and Caicos Islands that I needed to temper my expectations. I’ve told the whole family over and over again, “It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s going to be okay.” And even “whatever happens, it will be great.” I never really dared to believe that the time we spend at the Dream Pavilion on Ambergris Cay could be so wonderful. The entire family is indebted to you for finding her for us, recommending her to us, chasing every detail and completely “getting” us to the point that we found ourselves in a more private place for a very special time… Thank you!!! – Sentil Family Trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands, designed by Carrie Walker

Using you really allowed us to enjoy the ride. According to my husband, I removed every possible area where there could be friction. I really think this made it a lot easier for us (mostly me) and gave us time to focus on the things we wanted to focus on (like finding the best ice cream). The app was great at keeping all the information together. You recommended things I would never have thought to do on my own. — Family Trip to Lake Deoli to Italy, designed by Casey Armour

Amy and Billy: Everything was perfect. We were very impressed with Ciao Bambino! I can’t think of a single thing to improve even a little. We have already recommended you to many friends. Keep doing what you are doing. A+++ —The White Family’s Trip to Croatia, designed by Amy Annis

We truly had the trip of a lifetime. From the tours and history to the sand and sun to the delicious meals and laughter, we had a wonderful time in Greece as a family. Every detail was arranged so we could relax and enjoy ourselves. The transfers made getting around easy, the hotels were perfect for our family setup and all of the tour guides were great. Thank you for helping us plan this amazing experience! — The Hansen family’s trip to Greece, designed by Natalie Etheridge

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