Essentialist launches its personal app

Planning your next vacation can be as simple as opening an app on your phone.

Basicthe Members only The travel service, which specializes in customized trips since its launch in 2016, announced the launch of a new application exclusively for its users. The company explained that the application will allow members to plan personalized trips in minutes.

“We give our members the ability to go beyond the usual travel experience by finding those unique moments that make you feel like you’ve unlocked the essence of a place,” Joan Roca, founder and CEO of Essentialist, shared in a statement provided to Travel + entertainment. “This new home base for our members will be unique in the industry. Our app is the only app on the market with the ability to combine personal customer data with our in-house destination content to curate the perfect trip every time and in a fraction of the time it takes others in the industry.”

Within the app, users can manage their entire trip, from inspiration to travel planning, all the way to a post-trip survey. Travelers begin by requesting a flight to their chosen destination. They can then view sample itineraries created from recommendations collected from more than 200 travel editors and local experts who work with the app. This team ensures that members can find the best experiences, as well as access local secret spots you may never hear about.

Rocca added: “We rely on their experience and recommendations to choose the best of the best in each location.” “This allows us to provide our members with a truly curated selection of trip items that specifically suit them, rather than providing them with long lists to choose from.”

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After entering all the information, the app remembers each user’s preferences and uses internal AI to match their interests and offer more options for their intended trip.

Finally, a personalized suggestion will be shared with the member on the app. The user can then work with their personal Member Experience Manager to book each item of the itinerary. And even during the trip, you’ll never be alone, as members can also chat with their allocated travel time in real-time if they want to mix things up on the go.

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If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, this is the app for you, Rocca added.

“We help our members proactively manage their annual travel calendar, starting with the annual consultation call,” Rocca said. “We will handle them when it’s time to start planning so they never have to worry or stress about planning a trip again.”

Basic application It is now available for download on both IOS and Android devices. It is only available to members. Annual membership fees start at $2,600 per family

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