Guide to Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos, an all-inclusive resort in Cabos

Located on an uncrowded stretch of the Pacific Coast, the all-inclusive resort invites you to vacation, leave your wallet in your safe, and create your own version of paradise.

In general, all-inclusive are a big deal where the service is good but somewhat anonymous. Ditto for food, and most activities. But here I felt like a queen, A real queen wherever my wish is, I can imagine it.

During my short stay, I discovered the aspects of Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos that transformed it from a typical all-inclusive resort into a very personal one. It was something that made me feel like a special guest and spoke to my desire to vacation as an adult, even surrounded by families and kids having fun too.

Welcome to Hard Rock starts with a smile and a cold towel
Welcome to Hard Rock starts with a smile and a cold towel. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

Music for the Mind At the Hard Rock Hotel Lost Nightmare

Did anyone mention the music?

I’m all about the music. When I learned about the new Hard Rock Hotel in Los Cabos, I was excited to go there. I’ve been to the Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana in the past and expected a rock-packed vacation with souvenirs and plenty of entertainment options. I was not disappointed.

The resort’s lobby is beautiful and spacious, lined with music-themed shops. The focal point is a continuous line written on a wooden table in front of a display of gorgeous guitars. In beautiful calligraphy, the words “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin spread across the multi-faceted art installation.

In conversation with the captain who greeted me, we talked about choosing this “theme” and then sang the words out loud. Would I have listened to the song’s advice and ‘roll’ instead of ‘rock’?

Hard Rock history and memorabilia are credited to Meryl Perlstein.
Hard Rock History and Memorabilia Room. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein.

Join hard rock and complete immersion in music

I knew right away that I would grow, grow, and learn from this new experience. I’m a rock ‘n’ roll fan “always and forever” and this made me feel at home. Page’s and Plant’s beautiful lyrics combined with the well-chosen songs playing around me told me I had chosen my vacation spot wisely.

It is a resort full of music and love. To paraphrase another line highlighted in the lobby, the Beatles’ “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Music accompanies you at every turn. Pictures of famous musicians line the walls, interspersed with a timeline of hard rock history. The corridors display the costumes of major rock singers such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. The “See the Show” theater offers a rotating cycle of musical programs such as Elvis Presley tributes or Michael Jackson performances.

Echoing the words of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, I was ready to “see the show, it’s rock ‘n’ roll.” Other events designed for audience participation include popular karaoke, DJ Neon Glow, Latin nights on Sunlight Terrace, or line dancing and Zumba classes. Fitness took on a musical twist too with water aerobics and ‘backstage swing’ pool games.

Meryl Perlstein Credit Serenity Swingin Chair
Serenity Swingin Chair. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

Room with a view

As I entered my balcony suite after passing the buildings named Octave and Chord, soothing music was playing in the spacious sitting area, easily controlled so that the bedroom remained quiet. My minibar was stocked, at my request, with sparkling water and tequila, the perfect drinks for a Mexican vacation. Although most alcoholic beverages are included for free at Hard Rock, I can also order champagne or any of the 12 premium tequila drinks for an additional cost.

My view was of the resort’s expansive lawns with the ocean in the background. The colorful wedding added live mariachi music to my experience, which was only audible when I sat outside. The art in the bathroom got my day off to a great start. There were excerpts from Neil Young’s “Old Man, Take a Look at My Life” and Bob Marley’s “Rise Up This Morning, Smiled with the Rising Sun” framed on the wall.

I didn’t have one, but some rooms have their own plunge pool. It came with a hot tub on the balcony – the perfect place to relax while watching the crimson sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Zain Restaurant. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein
Zain Restaurant. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

Global dining

True to the all-inclusive format, dining at Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos offers a mix of buffet and sit-down options. There’s The Market, Hard Rock’s world-class buffet featuring every type of food imaginable from handmade omelets to tacos, pizza, barbecue items, vegetarian dishes, and a sumptuous salad bar. If that’s not enough, the “island” dessert will add even more calories. For a touch of seclusion, there is an outdoor dining patio where you can also have a cocktail with your meal.

I prefer more intimate venues and immediately looked to Hard Rock options for more personalized service. These specialty restaurants serve a mix of meals, some with smaller buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can choose from eight outlets, from an after-midnight café to a brick-oven pizza lounge. There are also restaurants that require reservations and feature elegant décor and sophisticated options to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

There was something for everyone. Each menu indicated vegetarian or vegan dishes; Whether they eat dairy products, eggs, seafood, or nuts; And whether it’s a little spicy or not very very very hot. For someone who is lactose intolerant like me, this was a real blessing.

Breakfast with a view of Los Gallos. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein
Breakfast with a view of Los Gallos. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

My favorite sites

At my favorite breakfast spot, Los Gallos, a casual Mexican restaurant, my servers Victor and Christopher and host Carla have become my friends. I am an adventurous eater and the staff quickly recognized it.

They brought out a variety of items for me to try and made my favorite Mexican breakfast items to order, chilaquil verdes and huevos divorciados, a colorful dish of fried eggs with tomato salsa in one half and salsa rojo in the other.

They even asked the chef to come meet me. Furthermore, the restaurant has a beautiful view of the ocean, so the outdoor seating area added another dimension of tranquility to my visit.

Los Gallos breakfast buffet credit Meryl Perlstein
Los Gallos breakfast buffet credit Meryl Perlstein

The variety of dining options at Hard Rock Hotel Lost Nightmare

Dinner options include Italian, Mexican and Teppanyaki-style Asian restaurants; A Brazilian rodizio, a steakhouse and an amazing 360 degree dining experience.

I was able to enjoy several “catered” dinners during my visit. I loved the mix of fresh ingredients and steak options at Toro.

This was followed by A second From risotto with prawns, main courses to chicken in gorgonzola sauce, and short ribs with creamy polenta. The escalation came in the form of tiramisu di Treviso soaked in coffee syrup. Specialty cocktails and a selection of wines complement both meals.

Awaken Your Senses by Meryl Pearlstein
Awaken your senses. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

An amazing 360 degree dining experience you must try

The most unusual offering is the exceptional 360-degree dining experience “Awaken your senses” It was a symphony for the 22ndSecond abbreviation a century. Designed for an intimate gathering around a rectangular table, this 90-minute event evolves from a seemingly unadorned room into a multi-sensory journey around the world, expertly interwoven with appropriately theatrical cuisine.

Six fictional courses themed around six countries. Each course aligns with graphics that surround the room and dance around your plate. You can expect dishes like Yorkshire pudding with smoked salmon and tobiko caviar, kampache tiradito, and a wicked dessert called “chocolate planet” with passion fruit mousse.

If you miss dinner (or any other meal), room service is always available. Your biggest problem is saying “no” to all choices!

The Rhythm Pool and its swim-up bar are credited to Meryl Pearlstein
The rhythm pool and its own pool bar. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

Adults only if you wish At the Hard Rock Hotel Lost Nightmare

When I was traveling alone, I didn’t tend to spend time near activity centers full of kids. While there are several areas that cater to a variety of generations – such as the water park and the singing “party pool” where a DJ and recorded music encourages dancing and fun all day long, there was an adults-only rhythm pool with private cabanas and its own swim-up bar higher.

Servers can serve your lunch there against a soundtrack of appropriately orchestrated “adult” tunes. If you feel the need for more seclusion, there is a secluded area with swing chairs, away from both pools.

Hard Rock Hotel also has a number of activities designed specifically for adults. Hard rock Rock Spa It features a harmony of music and wellness treatments. Guests are encouraged to experience the hydrothermal area as an introduction, and take advantage of the steam, sauna, cold plunge, hot tub, pool, bucket and pressure shower.

This ‘water ritual’ prepares you for the spa’s most unique treatment, the synchronized, musically themed massage. There are small speakers above your head while you lie on the table, and your therapist adjusts the music to your preferences, such as rock, classical, or something else.

The massage is synchronized with rhythm and vibrations. You’ll “feel the beat,” as the Black Eyed Peas say, as you drift into a feeling of bliss. You can choose to end your session by reclining on a heated lounge chair or heading outside to the spa’s outdoor area to “soak up the sun” in silence.

With Pickups, you can have a guitar delivered to your room. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein
With Pickups, you can have a guitar delivered to your room. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

Activities galore at Hard Rock Hotel Lost Cabos

It’s easy to fill your time at the resort with all the scheduled activities. A full program is posted every day. Choose yoga, music or games for beginners. Or choose to do nothing and lie poolside and work on your tan facing the expansive beach. However, take note: the ocean is very rough in Cabo, and swimming in the waves is not recommended.

Motivate yourself to leave your deck chair and walk along the beach though – it’s so beautiful. There are usually vendors selling clothes and handicrafts, so remember to bring some dollars or pesos.


Music Lab invites you to pick up an instrument and record your own song or music video. I chose to sing, instead, channeling Nancy Sinatra and Lady Gaga as best I could. The technician who guided me brilliantly put on the tracks “Boots” and “Bad Romance”.

He happily turned my less-than-perfect offers into palatable ones. If you prefer to have privacy, you can ask for it Fender guitar and amplifier They are brought to your room to play throughout your stay. Not a guitarist? Don’t worry – they’ll provide you with a Crosley turntable with a selection of vinyl records to sing along to.

The evening activities were more than just dinner. The bowling alley was a fun twist on the sports spaces and all-inclusive gym. You can reserve lanes for a small group or just for yourself, add cocktails, and pretend you’re on a team at the “Big Lebowski.” The nightclub came back to life later, with pulsing neon lights, DJ beats and podiums of dancers, ready for the bravest to show off their moves.

Sailing on lovers' beach. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein
Sailing on lovers’ beach. Photography by Meryl Pearlstein

expertise By land or sea

The resort also arranges… Off-site trips In the Cabo area. It is bookended by the colonial city of San José del Cabo to the north and lively Cabo San Lucas to the south.

Hard Rock Hotel is located about 35 minutes from Cabo’s main marina in Cabo San Lucas. There, a riot of souvenir shops (and crowds) awaits you along with numerous options for water sightseeing along the coast. The most popular is a private whale watching sailing on one of Cabo’s beautiful catamarans.

Adults-only options are available, where alcohol flows freely with lavish lunches or on sunset cruises. You can snorkel and swim at Lovers Beach, a comfortable stretch of sand located a short distance from the mainland. Or you can keep navigating until you reach the famous Los Arcos, a rock formation that is shaped like an arch.

Whale watching 2 from a catamaran. Courtesy of AIC Hotels
Whale watching 2 from a catamaran. Courtesy of AIC Hotels

My amazing sailing experience

As you sail towards the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of ​​Cortez, you may notice sea lions and iguanas as well as many species of birds.

But the door prize on your marine adventure is the sight of gray or humpback whales breaching alongside your boat. Depending on the season, you’ll likely see a great view. My boat, Cabo Adventures XII, has maintained its successful whale watching record. We saw a mother and baby swimming and splashing side by side…a truly breathtaking sight.

If you prefer exploring on land, driving an ATV through the dunes is an adrenaline-filled adventure. For local immersion, Thursday Art Tours open the galleries of San Jose del Cabo to everyone. It encourages celebrations with Cross And drinks. To bring some ‘culture’ home, a shopping trip for non-art purchases can also be arranged.

The warmth emanating from the staff endeared me to the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. I was able to draw from my own experience, an experience I will cherish for a long time. Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos allowed me to “sail away, come sail away, come sail away” in true Styx style. Now I understand those welcoming words at the entrance to the resort.

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