Italy Trip 101: How to Create a Family-Friendly Itinerary

The roots of the Chao Bambino are there Plan a family-focused trip To Italy and family Activities and accommodation in Italy It remains our most requested service ever. Amazing food, a rich, kid-friendly culture, and stunning scenery – there’s a good reason why Italy is many travelers’ favorite destination of all time. Ciao Bambino readers reach out to us all the time asking for help creating the best Italy itinerary with kids for families who have a week or two to spend in the country.

Best Italy Itinerary with Kids
Cathedral and Baptistery in Florence

Itinerary tips for family vacations in Italy

Travel days

Due to changing times and culture, families need at least 10 days on the ground to successfully travel to Italy, especially when coming from the United States. To be honest, we break this rule every year due to our schedule constraints. It is not impossible to travel for a week in Italy or even less; It simply makes the journey more difficult for everyone. Before you decide the length of the trip and book it, consult This powerful list of Italy travel tips So you are well-informed about what is possible in a limited amount of time.

Flight structure

Variety is important to maximize interest and engagement – ​​I like to mix city time with country and/or seaside time. The major Italian tourist towns can be very hot and crowded during the summer months when most families are vacationing. However, cities are an essential part of experiencing Italian culture; Instead of skipping it completely, my advice is to try it in small doses.

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A week’s stay in the countryside is absolutely perfect for children. Tuscany is the first rural area that I recommend for families (Umbria is the second). Yes, Tuscany is touristy, but it’s touristy for a reason – there’s a long list of amazing things to see and do. A result of Tuscany’s popularity is its wide range of accommodation options and services. This infrastructure is what makes traveling with kids here work so well.

Best Italy Itinerary with Kids
Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome

Our favorite 14-day Italy itinerary with kids

Italy is a big place – make sure you look at the map and understand where you will start and end the trip. When possible, I encourage people to go in one direction and organize flights accordingly, e.g. to start with Rome And end in Veniceflying in and out of each city respectively.

Among Ciao Bambino’s 14-day itineraries, the following are the most popular:


The rumors are true: Rome is big, busy, and busy. There are also a huge number of amazing historical monuments you can visit. Despite all the time I’ve spent in Rome, I haven’t seen much of the sights. Parents constantly give me feedback that they are amazed at how much they enjoy Rome with their children.

The bottom line is that Rome is a great place to start an adventure in Italy. Domestic flights are plentiful and it’s relatively easy to enjoy the city without an intense schedule—part of the fun is simply walking around and exploring the neighborhoods. Meals and services are easy to find and you don’t have to worry about driving. Note that Four nights It’s just enough time to recover from jet lag and see the main sights, nothing more. Rome is a great city to invest in a few private tours the whole family gets involved in the amazing history found here.

Best Italy Itinerary with Kids
A view overlooking the hills of the Tuscan countryside

the countryside

Most family-friendly accommodation options – those with a kitchen and private living space – have a minimum stay requirement of a week from Saturday to Saturday during peak travel periods. It’s best to book this part of your trip first and then work on it.

Setup for many of these Farm stays in Tuscany Makes it easy to settle down and live like a local. The most ideal options are open spaces for children to run around as well as a swimming pool. This means that you can easily combine sightseeing with a relaxing and enjoyable time.

What to do and see in Tuscany Her blog post but suffice it to say that there are endless options for children of all ages and the week will fly by without the slightest feeling of boredom.

Best Italy Itinerary with Kids
Gondola in the back canals of Venice

Venice with kids

Families have a love/hate relationship with the gun. They either come back cheering or they are miserable every minute they are there. In my book, it’s a must-see, especially for school-age kids and up (quite a challenge with babies and toddlers given all the steps and open water, but not impossible). If you have young children and want to opt out of Venice, there are many other possibilities to spend a few extra days on land – Cinque Terre, Luca, And Florence example but not limited to.

On my 10-day itinerary, visit each city for two to three days and spend the bulk of the time in the countryside according to my outline above. The only exception is the winter months when backcountry activities are more limited (skiing is the exception). In these cases, the itinerary can be reversed with additional time allocated to the city. With two full weeks in Italy, it’s certainly possible to properly see Rome, Tuscany, and Venice without feeling rushed.

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