The very best occasions to go to Portugal, in line with an area resident

In 2023, Portugal set a new tourism record when more than 1.8 million people visited in May. And as Reuters reported, more than 6.4 million travelers visited the Iberian nation in the first five months of 2023, up from 5.7 million during the same period in 2019, before the pandemic. So, what makes this place special enough to attract so many people? Well, just about everything.

“Portugal is one of the smallest countries with the largest number of tourism activities available,” said Nick Rocos, managing director of Bomborto Hotels, which owns the Bomborto Hotel Group. Lisbon wine And Lumiarisshared with Travel + entertainment. “In such a small area, you can, in a very short frame of time and space, immerse yourself in the culture of city life, enjoy the natural wonders from beaches to rivers to parks, savor the rich and diverse gastronomy of each area, or simply lie back and relax in Quieter surroundings.

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K Residing in PortugalI can attest to the virtue of activities, history and delicious food (don’t miss it Cream puffs, cod, or shrimp with garlic). I can also promise that it is a place worth exploring all year round. And experts like Teresa Barros, founder and CEO Expos ConsultingI couldn’t agree more.

“Portugal is a magical country. Imagine a place where the ‘Old World’ meets the ‘New World’, where Portugal has the best of both. Here, you can still enjoy the slow life of the ‘Old World’ mixed with the creativity and energy of a country that has been transformed,” said Barros. Recently discovered. When you think it’s best to visit, it’s all about the renewal period.

“Portugal is known for its good weather all year round. Having said that, I suggest visiting in the spring (April to June), when nature awakens and brings incredible light and energy. “Alternatively, I suggest visiting in the fall (September or October), when the weather is gorgeous and the places Generally cooler than in August (when everything tends to be fuller). It’s also a great way to extend the summer.

Portugal experiences four distinct seasons, but it never gets too cold to venture out. However, the weather can swing dramatically from summer to winter, as can crowds, hotel prices, flights, and more. Tourism seasons in Portugal are divided into three categories:

  • High season: June through August
  • Shoulder season: September to November; April to June
  • Low season: December to April

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Best times to visit Portugal for small crowds

The best time to visit Portugal for small crowds is during the cooler months of December through April. This is the time when you will find far fewer tourists crowding the streets. However, the weather will be cooler up and down the coast, making it a less than ideal time to visit the beach. However, it is a very good period to explore places like Lisbon And Porto, the two largest cities in the country. In each of them you will find many historical landmarks, such as Praça do Comércio and the Belém Tower in Lisbon, in addition to… World of wine In Porto, which will teach you everything you need to know about Portuguese wine. In fact, there’s no better time to try one of the country’s famous red wines than on a cold winter’s day.

The best times to visit Portugal for good weather

For long, warm days, visit Portugal during the summer months. like Weather Spark explainedThe warm season in Portugal typically lasts from mid-June to mid-September, when the average daily temperature reaches over 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest month is August, when the average temperature is 83 degrees. The only thing to note during this time is that the wind tends to pick up, which is why most of the people who frequent this area Beaches in Portugal Their screen guards prevent sand from moving around them and getting into their swimsuits while sunbathing.

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The best times to visit Portugal at lower prices

The best time to visit Portugal at low prices is in the low and low seasons. While we discussed the low season above, it is important to note that Portugal’s shoulder seasons in spring and fall can also be great. You’ll usually find smaller crowds in high-tourist areas like Lisbon, Faro, and Porto, but the weather will usually still be great. It’s also a great time to find deals on hotels and flights, plus visiting during this period gives you a much better chance of landing coveted reservations at the country’s hottest restaurants. If you don’t mind cool temperatures and you’re a fan of beautiful wildflowers and bright green pastures, head to Portugal in its spring season. For days that are still warm (and even hot), try the fall season instead.

Best times to visit Portugal for festivals

Portugal is a nation that loves its festivals. A personal favorite is the Festas de Santo Antônio, which is celebrated in Lisbon and beyond and honors the city’s patron saint, Santo Antônio. The main celebrations take place from June 11 to 13, when people take to the streets to enjoy sardines and watch the wonderful parades. (Seriously, there are parties happening in every corner of the city, and people take to the streets all night long, so don’t expect to get a good night’s sleep during these few days.)

Other major festivals in Portugal include Carnival, which takes place in February and March; Holy Week in April and May; And the Sintra Festival during the summer.

It’s also worth a visit during the holiday season, when the nation takes the joy of Christmas seriously. Travelers can find twinkling lights and nativity scenes almost everywhere, along with a number of Christmas markets in places like Lisbon and Porto.

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The worst times to visit Portugal

There’s never a bad time to visit Portugal, as each season offers its own rewards. However, if you want to avoid the rainy season in the destination, avoid coming in October and November. This is a time when you’ll be hard-pressed to find a perfectly clear day, plus temperatures can be a little cooler and days get a lot shorter. However, you can always find something to fill your time here, so the best time to visit Portugal is whenever you want.

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