Where to go in the UK with children

I put myself in your shoes. You are visiting the United Kingdom with children for the first time. So I guess you’re here for two weeks and you don’t want more than five stops. And while I’d love to wear your Jimmy Choos, I expect you to mostly wear your Converse and have clothes ready for every weather system.

Anyway, I’ll digress – you’ll discover that we Brits love to talk about the weather because it’s completely unpredictable. Here are the five best UK holiday destinations with kids.

Best UK holiday destinations with kids
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Family-friendly places to visit in the UK


I’m guessing London It’s where you’ll be traveling to, and I’ll suggest you check in and out of our capital for at least four nights. It’s a very big city and you won’t be able to see everything, but enjoy the tasting menu and come back for more when the kids get older.

Find a hotel that is central and within walking distance of a subway station and one of The wonderful royal gardens — Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, St. James’ Park, Green Park, or Kensington Gardens. Ciao Bambino Family Vacation Advisors Team They can help you book the right property for your family, with plenty of vetted options in great sightseeing locations.

While in the center, visit the London Zoo, Tower Bridge, and the Science Museum. Buckingham Palace The Museum of London (voted one of the most family-friendly museums in the UK), have a great time in Covent Garden and enjoy free street entertainment. Participate in the show as well. If big musicals don’t work, the Unicorn Theater is a theater for children, where there’s usually something great going on.

I could go on, but you’re not here for long and need plenty of breaks at those parks I already mentioned.

Best UK holiday destinations with kids
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It’s quite difficult to choose just a few must-see places to visit in the UK, but I think the next stop from London would have to be the Cotswolds. It is worth renting a car for this stop as there are so many beautiful villages to visit which can make relying on public transport annoying.

After the busy urban atmosphere of London, you may want to choose a nice country hotel to relax in for at least two nights here. That’s enough time to visit the spa town of Bath and perhaps even take a dip in Britain’s only natural thermal spa at Thermae Bath Spa; Have cream tea in a nearby village; Explore the Cotswold Wildlife Park; Enjoy the activities available at your hotel.

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Best UK holiday destinations with kids
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next station, YorkEither by train or car for two nights. York’s historic center is associated with the Roman, Viking and Medieval times, and is a beautiful walled city to spend time in. Children of all ages will enjoy the Jorvik Viking Center at the archaeological site of the Viking city of Jorvik. Board a time capsule and prepare to travel back in time as they bring that era to life.

York is also home to a massive Gothic cathedral, York Minster. National Railway Museum. and York Castle Museum, where a Victorian street scene is recreated for you to stroll through. If you have a car, you can also head out into the countryside and explore the rugged Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Best UK holiday destinations with kids
The Royal Mile runs through the heart of Edinburgh, with most of the major tourist attractions located nearby. Image from photography f11photo/Adobe Stock


From York, I took the train across the Scottish border to Edinburgh Head straight to the Balmoral Hotel, located just a few steps from the station, for another two nights.

Edinburgh Castle isn’t rated as one of the UK’s top heritage attractions for nothing, so a tour is a must. Then there are the rather impressive Royal Botanic Gardens, just north of the city center, which often holds family events, and the Museum of Childhood is fun to see.

The world-famous Edinburgh Festival, which takes place alongside the amazing Edinburgh Military Tattoo throughout August, is a great time to visit the city, even with children as there are plenty of events aimed at them. But – you’ve been warned – you need to book accommodation several months in advance. Edinburgh is very much a festival city, and there are plenty of other events held throughout the year that are geared towards families.

From Edinburgh you can also take a day trip to Glasgow Scottish Seabird Centre, or you can drive to the Scottish highlands And Loch Ness to see the Loch Ness Monster. You’ll also find the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, in this area; The views are amazing.

Best UK holiday destinations with kids
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From Edinburgh, I would fly to the other end of Britain to Newquay Cornwall For a relatively relaxing four days before catching a flight back to London and then heading home. While you’re there, you can visit the Eden Project, home to the world’s largest rainforest, and spend some time exploring Cornwall’s picturesque coastal villages and golden expanses of sand. Make sure your time in Cornwall includes sampling fish and chips!

If you’re not up for extra flights during your trip, consider heading south from Scotland and exploring the Lake District or Peak District on your way back to London. Both are national parks known more for their stunning natural beauty than their tourist attractions.

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